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Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
days. >> thank you. >>> world leaders, include vice president joe biden are gathering in rome ahead of the installation of pope francis. let's get to keer simmons. >> reporter: good morning. even if it is raining like this tomorrow, this area will still be packed as you say. world leaders are flying in. the pope meeting with the argentina president. the pope's message, remember the poor, and his style is winning fans for people on the street. as pope francis prepares for the installation mass, vice president biden arrived in rome sunday. it is ordinary men and women that are connecting with the pope in an extraordinary way. francis walking over to a crowd of a few hundred people just to say hello, leaving his security scrambling. then sunday, he greeted tens of thousands in st. peter's square for his first angeles, even making the mass. in the crowd, we met philadelphia's cardinal. >> this is unique. this is a wonderful opportunity. i mean, it is the first time the new pope, pope francis appeared, first time he gives his blessing here. >> reporter: preparations in the same square ar
Mar 15, 2013 7:00am PDT
compliment. natalie morales is at the vatican. we're getting take three more joe biden, being biden, yesterday the white house launched a new series on its website an audio series called "being biden" which is a glimpse into the world of the vice president. basically what he's going to do is take a still photograph from time to time and explain it, give the back story, tell what he was thinking, who are the people in that photograph, his first one he says he wanted to give, start the audio series to give a closer look inside the life of the white house and the presidency, so we're going to get a lot of back story and a lot of joe biden. >> i can't get enough joe biden. >> you're biden's favorite anchor/meteorologist. >> yes he wrote a theme song for me. >> you want to hear it, here it goes. so what do you think, what is being biden? >> you know what? i think right now it's probably going to be kind of tame because vice president biden doesn't want to scare anybody but then i think as things go along and the white house stops paying attention he's going to let loose. >> we'll get the
Mar 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
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Mar 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
. >>> vice president joe biden is making a renewed call for gun control during an appearance today with new york mayor, michael bloomberg. and families from newtown, connecticut. on wednesday biden said the white house is still pushing for congress to pass a ban on the so-called assault weapons, even though the senate has dropped the measure from its gun control package. >>> and one truck driver figured out how to make a big delivery with no heavy lifting. without leaving the cab of his truck, he used some not-so-delicate maneuvering to deliver a truck load of bamboo in taiwan, doesn't even get his hands dirty apparently. delicate objects. but it worked. very effective. he did it. >> 30 seconds? >> yeah, no time at all. >>> and you're up to date now. it's ten minutes after the hour. and here's dylan with our weather. >> we're still talking cold. that's going to be a broken record for a while. but we're also talking some snow. look at our windchill temperatures. that's a big story. because it feels like it is below zero, up across minnesota, into wisconsin. most areas feel like we're dow
Mar 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
which he closed with a casual "enjoy your afternoon. enjoy a good lunch." >>> vice president joe biden arrived in italy yesterday ahead of tomorrow's inauguration mass of pope francis. >>> in an nbc news exclusive, we've learned of a cyber attack on the voting system in florida. officials are quick to point out that the breach was unsuccessful but do say it raises many issues on security. the case stems from bogus requests from more than 2,500 absentee ballots for the august 14th primary in miami-dade county. it's not clear whether the requests were an attempt to sway the election, test the system or just interfere with voting. either way experts say the incident exposes danger in putting states voting online. the full article is at >>> meanwhile in israel in the west bank, preparations are under way for the arrival of president obama. on wednesday mr. obama will make his first trip to the region as president. crews in jerusalem have been hanging up u.s. flags. the luxurious king david hotel is getting ready to receive the president and his entourage. they have been
Mar 14, 2013 6:00am PDT
, including joe biden, who, by the way, is the first catholic to be elected as a u.s. vice president. >>> late into the night, crowds just filling the streets of bun ne buenos aires in argentina. the first pope ever chosen from the world's most catholic continent, san francisco. the former argentine cardinal, the first jesuit to hold the title. it was foundnd 1534 becoming a leading force in modernizing the church. the order is known for its missionary and charity work as well as education. that influence can be seen all over the bay area, specially in the south bay where bowl santa claire university and bellarmine college prep are founded on the teaching of the jesuit order. governor brown trained to become a priest before deciding to get into politics at a press event in san francisco. brown talks to reporters about the new pope saying, quote, i'm glad he is jesuit. >>> new this morning, we are getting details of an earth quote overnight north of santa rosa. a 4.6 hitting just outside of cobb, 40 miles north of santa rosa. it happening just after 2:00 a.m. >>> today, the head of th
Mar 19, 2013 5:00am PDT
square. among them, vice president joe biden and former first lady of california, maria shriver, making the trek over. >> and he broke from the usual, you know, pattern of riding in the popemobile. going to talk to people in the crowd, as well. being called the pope of the people. jay gray, live in vatican city, with some of the highlights of this morning's installation for us. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a beautiful day here in rome. filling into st. peter's square, along with hundreds of thousand, all wanting to be part of the inaugural mass of pope francis. he now officially becomes the leader of the catholic church. after waiting for hours, hundreds of thousands welcomed pope francis to st. peter's square. after greeting the faithful for more than 30 minutes, francis was ushered inside st. peter's basilica. and the ceremony began. and the ceremony began. ♪ the new pope led by the cardinals of the procession, and back into the square where he received his vestments and papal ring. dignitaries from across the globe and hundreds of thousands joined in the
Mar 18, 2013 5:00am PDT
including vice president, joe biden. he is already in town. >>> two families in the north bay struggling to come to grips with a tragic race car accident. a 14-year-old boy is killed when his cousin's car slams into him. a memorial is growing. >>> facing the music, a disgraced south bay politician getting ready to answer the charges he misused public funds >>> we've got a good-looking monday but, yeah, last day of winter. potent storm on the way. go figure. we have a lot of rain headed your way. we'll let you know when you will need your umbrella and when the worst part of that storm is slated to hit your city. >>> last day of winter, first day of the workweek. here is the start of the backup at the toll plaza. we have an eye on your bay crossings coming up. >>> let's take a live look outside. you made it to monday morning, the start of a new workweek. the commute, as i mentioned, this is "today in the bay." >>> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >>> good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. i'm jon kelley. a memorial is growing for a 14-year-o
Mar 18, 2013 4:30am PDT
there. vice president joe biden arrived late last night. he will leave the u.s. delegation. today, pope francis will meet with the president of his home country of argentina. the two have had a contentious relationship, specially over the issue of same-sex marriage legalized in 2010. 150,000 visited st. peter's square for the first sunday prayer and blessing. >> new this morning, vallejo police serving for a gunman that shot an killed an elderly man. police found that victim at a home on hitchborn street near riverpark. the man's identity is being held until his family is notified. investigators have not yet given out details or a suspect or motive. >>> they are looking for a suspected car thief that rammed a stolen car into a car in san francisco. jeremiah dickerson hit the fire truck last night about 7:00 p.m. chp says dickerson was riding with a woman in the car on 101 whether he got angry and started punching her. the woman got out. he sped off continuing into san francisco and hit the fire truck, then, ditched the car and ran away. >>> this afternoon, former santa clara super
Mar 18, 2013 10:00am EDT
' cross hairs right now. but we did receive helpful advice from joe biden. if you have any threats at home, go at home with a double barreled shotgun and fired into the air. that is useful if you are being attacked by a flock of geese. [laughter] or a drone. [laughter] [cheers] so maybe joe biden stumbled onto something after all. this past week, we had a hearing in the senate judiciary committee. a senior democrat explained to me that questions about the constitution have no role in the u.s. senate. [crowd boos] because, she explains, it is congress' job to pass laws and the supreme court can decide whether to throw them out or not. do you know what? that statement is exactly the problem. [applause] that statement is reminiscent of nancy pelosi when she was asked what is the constitutional basis of obamacare and her answer was, are you serious? serious? there are a whole lot of politicians, democrats and republicans, in washington who have not looked at the constitution in a long, long time. let me answer speaker pelosi. yes, we are serious. [applause] the second amendment provides f
Mar 15, 2013 10:30pm EDT
sequester, the secret service detail has been replaced by joe biden with a shotgun. [laughter] earlierto joe biden today. i'm not sure he recognize me. he asked me to get him a slur pee. i see eric holder is here. i heard a rumor that the attorney general can only afford to ship a couple hundred guns this year. mr. president, i want to commend you on your choice for secretary of state. someone with integrity and experience, informs the world of seriousness and depth. let's give dennis rodman a great round of applause. [laughter] [applause] saw the of athletes, i president went golfing with tiger woods. he said, the president had an amazing touch. time tiger said that, he lost millions in endorsements and a hot, swedish wife worried -- wife. we can't laugh at ourselves. that would be racist. [laughter] this might surprise you. i am looking forward to president obama's second term. it will be refreshing to hear him stop blaming all our country's problems on the last four years. [applause] that is enough with the jokes. i want to switch to a more serious line. might need at you short break
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11